Payment Options Offered:

At On-Time Appraisers we understand that every company has its own way of doing business when it comes to collecting payments from their clients. This is never more evident than when you’re choosing to pay for our services. We’re committed to doing business with you on the most favorable terms, so we offer the fastest and most reliable payment option to make your transaction the smoothest possible.

When ordering your appraisal with us. You may choose any of the following payment methods. For all our private clients, payments are collected in the form of COD upon inspection. When making your appointment, let us know we can pick up payment at the time of your appraisal inspection, and which of the following payment options you would choose.

In order to make your transaction the easiest way possible, and for faster completion of your appraisal report, we provide the following collecting services in the form of COD.

  1. Cash- This is our preferred and most convenient option for private appraisals involving homeowners or realtors as the results of your appraisal report will be in your hands 24 hours post-inspection as promised. Taking the banking system away from delaying the deliverance of your report. A check or morning order will take approximately 72 hours to clear in any banking system, holding your appraisal report hostage until payment has cleared. If you choose cash to be your method of payment, please, let us know you are paying cash and we'll bring a paid invoice for your records.
  2. Credit Card – A convenient payment option, especially when third parties – such as homeowners – are involved.  
  3. Cashier’s Check or Money Order – Please ensure that all cashier’s checks are made payable to our company.